Aκόμη μία πόλη του Καναδά αναγνωρίζει τη Γενοκτονία

Τετάρτη, 5 Απριλίου 2017

Μετά από την αναγνώριση της Γενοκτονίας από την πρωτεύουσα του Καναδά την Οτάβα και το οικονομικό κέντρο της χώρας το Τορόντο, με πρωτοβουλία και πάλι του Ελληνοκαναδικού Κογκρέσου, ακόμα μία επιτυχία προστίθεται στον αγώνα της αναγνώρισης της  Γενοκτονίας.
Το  Λασάλ της Επαρχίας του Κεμπέκ είναι η πρώτη πόλη σε αυτή την επαρχία που αναγνωρίζει τη Γενοκτονία, διακηρύσσοντας την 19η Μαΐου ως ημέρας Μνήμης.
Ένα ακόμη κερί άναψε στη μνήμη των  αθώων θυμάτων του Κεμαλισμού, του προδρόμου του Ναζισμού, μία ακόμη επιτυχία όλων μας μέχρι την τελική δικαίωση.
Θεοφάνης Μαλκίδης



 The Canadian Hellenic Congress welcomes the decision of the LaSalle Borough Councilto pass a motion to recognize the Greek Pontic Genocide and to honour the memory of the men, women and children who died. The Borough Council last night unanimously decided on the recognition and designated May 19th as Remembrance Day in the Borough.
The Greek Pontic Genocide, together with the Armenian and Assyrian Genocides, was the first genocide of the 20th century.
“The Greek Pontic Genocide is one of the darkest moments in mankind’s history and one of the heinous crimes against humanity. This heinous crime was the precursor to the Holocaust committed by the Nazis against Jews, Roma and other peoples during the Second World War”, Dr. Theodore Halatsis, President of the Canadian Hellenic Congress stated.

Between 1914 and 1922, more than a million Hellenes were systematic exterminated on orders of the Ottoman and the Kemalist governments through slaughter by Ottoman troops and paramilitaries, deportations involving death marches, marches to concentration camps in Anatolia, forced labour, starvation, rapes and individual killings.

“The LaSalle Borough Councildecision is historic for the Hellenic community in Quebecand it serves as a reminder to all of us here in Quebec and Canada and to the generations to come of this brutal and heinous crime against our Greek ancestors and humanity. LaSalle is the first Quebec municipal government to recognize the Greek Pontic Genocide and to proclaim May 19th as its official remembrance day”, Dr. Halatsis added.
The Canadian Hellenic Congress and its Quebec Regional Council thank Mayor Barbe and Borough Councillors for taking this important and historic decision.
For further information about this event, please contact:
Costas Pappas, 
Vice-President, Governmental and Public Affairs
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